Terms and Conditions

Herewith, Galiano Srl VAT 01371201219 which runs web site Galianostore.com, we would like to advise terms and legal conditions of online shop Galianostore.com. We do not accept any different terms or condition from customers, except for Galiano Srl agreed.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Users of Galianostore.com accept to respect all the conditions included in this statement. If they do not, Galianostore.com reserves the right to ask Users to refrain to use the shop onlline Galianostore.com. Use of the Galianostore.com provides Users with products information and offer possibility to purchase merchandise.

IMAGES ON WEBSITE: Galianostore.com decline any liability due to a particular configuration of a Client's computer or malfunction, the colors of the products displayed could appear different from the original. Sligtly lack of compliance does not depend on Galianostore.com conduct. Images displayed on Galianostore.com belong to Galiano Srl. Unauthorized use of these images without the express consent of Galianostore.com is forbidden.

PRODUCTS AVAILABILITY ON WEBSITE: Products availability displayed on Galianostore.com correspond with the actual availability of the items in color and size, present in the Boutiques and warehouses belong to Galiano Srl. Galianostore.com guarantees the authenticity of the items as an authorized retailer of all brands on the online shop. Once an order has been received, Galianostore.com reserves the right to re-confirm the availability of the merchandise. Clients will be promptly informed if product ordered is no longer available. Refund will occur by payment method as well as payment method used for placing order.

PRODUCTS PRICING ON WEBSITE: Products pricing displayed on Galianostore.com are the same applyed at the purchasing time.

COPYRIGHT: Galianostore.com and its contents belong to Galiano Srl. Contents include images, font, design, script format, codes, software, documents. Also,material previously mentioned is copyright covered. Modification. reproduction, trasmission and distribution to third parties are forbidden without the express consent from Galiano Srl.

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