Giuliano Galiano iconic sneakers, unique in their genre, are the symbol of the Made in Italy excellence. The production process, from design to final realization, is entirely made in Italy, using the best industry professionals. The raw materials are chosen with a very accurate selection process, which selects only the most excellent materials, in order to make dreams come into reality. The leather comes from Florence, which is the best district in the world in terms of leather. For some of the most exclusive sneakers they use also crocodile and python leather, coming from the world's best suppliers. Each sneaker is a piece of art, it's the purest form of creativity that becomes a symbol of modernity thanks to the skilled hands of italian shoemakers who make every single shoe in order to create an absolutely unique piece. 


Galiano E-Shop Office

Via Roma 59 80014 Giugliano in Campania (NA),

+39 081 19230174


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